Best Places in Makassar: Top Recommendation

Best Places in Makassar: Top Recommendation

Best Places in Makassarshould be the next thing you should research upon once you decide to visit the city in your next holiday itinerary. However, if you are still at the preliminary stage of designing your holiday and have yet to include the city, you must. Why? Makassar is the result of combining rich history and cultures with breathtaking landscape and nature plus a dash of delectable culinary creations. Sure, one can argue that Makassar is not the only place in Indonesia that boasts the three factors but you should keep in mind that those places in question are already packed with people flocking there. By the end of the day, you are likely to experience exhaustion due to see too many people at one place. Makassar, on the other hand, is a place that has yet to gain recognition internationally.

When considering Best Places in Makassar travel, you need to keep in mind that even though international tourists are scarce, the locals could also flock to one specific spot—which is bound to happen given that it is where they live. Even then, the masses tend to head to the most popular spots of them all, leaving the less visited ones remain poorly explored.

The Best Places in Makassarindonesia include:

  1. Losari Beach

The beach is probably the icon of the city, which makes it the first on the list. Your Makassar holiday isn’t complete if you haven’t included this spot on your itinerary. The beach is perfect for catching sunset, which is the moment when food stalls and booths are in operation.

  1. Fort Rotterdam

If you wish to learn one thing or two about Makassar’s past, this is where your journey should begin. Built in early 15th century with Ujung Pandang as its original name, the museum was offered to the Dutch as a peace treaty. The Dutch then changed its name to what the complex is known as today.

  1. SombaOpu Fort

Built at around the same time as Fort Rotterdam, the fort was converted into the Gowa King’s royal quarters. You can find remnants of the fort, cannons, a museum, and some traditional houses within the complex.

  1. Kodingareng and Samalona Island

Kodingareng is an island some 45-minutes away from Makassar by boat. Public transportation isn’t available to and from the island so your trip there must be arranged beforehand. It is a great place for watersports.

Samalona Island is 30-minutes away from Makassar by boat. While the island is also a perfect place for watersports, make sure you don’t miss the seafood while you’re there.

  1. Paotere Harbor

Makassar is inhabited by people of Bugis tribe. Buginese are known for being a group of seafarers in the past with the Phinisi boats as their primary vessel. Now, the boats can be seen docked at the Paotere Harbor.

  1. Rammang-rammang

Rammang-rammang is an area in Maros some 40-minutes away from Makassar by car. The best time to be in the village is in the morning, which means you should depart to this place at least at 6am. The area is encased in limestone formation and you can explore it on a small canoe.

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